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Instructions For All Sizes Of Wind Chimes, Kits, Repair Kits & Up-Grade Kits

Wind Song & Melody Maker Model’s

1.Stain using an oil based stain ,let dry for several hrs. & lightly sand using a 400 grit sand paper, use Formby's Tongue Oil and rub in good, let dry and lightly sand again and then apply a final coat of tongue oil.

2.Install the small brass eyelets, two in the striker, one in the wind catcher, two into each of the mini striker’s and on the chime head one in each of the holes where the mini striker cord passes through the hole on the top of the head and top & bottom into the center hole (Melody maker chime kits,repair kits & up grade kits ONLY.

3.Fig.1- Start by running the cord up through the center hole of the wind chime head and through the hanging ring (Space 6” between the top of the chime body to the top of the hanging ring) and down through one of the RED holes and back up through the RED hole next to it and up and back through the hanging ring and back down and up again in the next set of RED holes. When the cord has been laced through all 6 of the RED holes you should have approx. 5-6” of cord left, wrap this tightly around the 6 strands of cord 5-6 times and tie off on the center cord, tie two knots, trim and heat seal the end.

4.Fig.3 Begin lacing on each section of tubing, blue holes. Using a lighter carefully heat the cord back approx.1 ¼” until it becomes hard, trim end at an angle on the other end tie a knot and heat seal. Lace the cord up through the center hole on the 3 hole pattern and back down through the hole to the left of the center hole (Two hole pattern for the Melody series) and pull the cord through until the knot is flush with the bottom of the chime body. Do not put pins in at this time.

5. Lay out the sections of the tubing starting with the longest length of tubing first and then the shortest length of tubing, next longest, next shortest etc. Right to left assembly.

6.Take the longest section of tubing and run the cord through the eyelets and bring the cord up through the next hole to the left (Fig.3) Leave 1” of space between the end of the tubing and the chime body now lace the cord down through hole # 4 and loop back up through hole # 3 and back down through hole # 4 these steps are repeated until all sections of tubing are laced to the wind chime head. See (Fig.4)

7.Next install the tubing striker (Fig.5) Puss the center cord down through the hole in the striker and position the striker approx. 2”-3” above the bottom end of the shortest section of tubing and tie a knot to hold in place, attach the wind catcher and measure from the bottom of the wind catcher to the top of the hanging ring to obtain the overall length of the wind chime.(Example WD-36, 36” top of hanging ring to bottom of the wind catcher.

8.If you have one of the new  melody maker wind chime kits or up-graded to the Melody Maker design you will need to attach the mini strikers starting with the hole where the tubing lacing started between the longest & shortest tube. Tie a knot in one end and seal with a heat source (lighter, etc.) Make sure to put in the brass eyelets first Pass the cord down through the eyelet &  into the hole through the eyelet in the mini striker and position approx. 1” above the main striker & the remainder can be graduated down approx 1” as you go around, assembling right to left this gives a nice cascading effect.